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English summary: Paul van Ernich

Paul van Ernich,( born in Oss, Holland, 1960) used to be a youngster in the seventies, a student psychology in the eighties and a steady growing classical painter since the nineties of the last century. Remarkable about his career is the
way he became more and more interested in classical painting after being confrontated with modern art forms for almost twenty years.

Aspects like ego, concepts or worldcommentary
in actual art slowly made
place for craftsmanship, romanticism
and mythology. The works of van
Ernich reflect these changes in preference.
First abstract-expressive,
cubistic, later impressionistic (with its
tendency towards realism) growing
into classical painting.

Mid-nineties Paul went to live in
Brittany (France) where he studied old
masters like Velasquez, Vermeer and
Caravaggio. After his return, knowing
he lacked technical support, he found
a ‘master’ in the person of Cornelis
LeMair: One of the very few dutch
painters who specialized in 17thcentury
techniques. More and more,
van Ernich became capable of understanding
the richness and poetic
aspects of his Dutch ancestors.
Painters like Claesz, Heda, Kalf,
Vermeer and Rembrandt , showed us
their personal truth casted into a mall
of absolute beauty. Thus, according to
van Ernich, the standard for quality in
painting was set in the past and still
seems to be the big challenge for the

In the following pages you will find a
selection of the latest works of Paul van
Ernich. Still life, female nude, and
potrait. Besides Still-life and portrait
(painted on wood in smaller format),
van Ernich is developing ideas for
larger canvases depicting personal
drama in classical setting.

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