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The Top 7 Largest Auto Mobile Collections in North America

As car enthusiasts, we’re always looking to get our next fix and learn more about the automotive industry. Auto aficionados keep tabs on the latest automobile models, new cars for sale, and value of collectible vehicles. They’re also interested in how the manufacturers are advancing, who their designers are and what new players are entering the scene.

While there are many collections of automobiles in the United States, few contain as many actual automotive milestones as the one housed by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. In the collection there are 73 road and racing cars from over a century of history. There are also various motorcycles and other transportation pieces.

The National Automobile Museum conducts automobilia collections research for scholars, journalists, restorers and enthusiasts to assist in authentic restorations of automobiles in the collection. They have original files and restoration binders that provide invaluable information on the history of each vehicle. Research includes purchase and restoration memos and correspondence; documentation of the vehicle’s history; paint, upholstery and wiring samples; and photographs (general and restoration).

There are also educational materials like brochures, schematics and other technical documents as well as historical books on automotive technology. Each piece in the museum tells a story of the evolution of the automobile and its place in American culture.

Other museums with extensive automobile collections are the Nethercutt Collection in California and the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan. The latter is a definite must-see for car lovers as it features immaculately preserved cars and beautifully restored musical instruments in a unique combination of automotive and auditory excellence.

Whether it’s the melodious hum of a vintage automobile or the thundering roar of a muscle car, each of these vehicles offers a captivating journey through time. The top 7 largest automobile collections in North America provide an awe-inspiring journey through automotive history.

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