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Asphalt Paving Contractors Improve Midtown Kansas City’s Traffic Safety

Asphalt is a durable, affordable paving material that can be used to create smooth, stable surfaces for driveways, roadways and parking lots. Properly installed asphalt can last many years, but its longevity depends on how well it is maintained. Proper maintenance includes seal coating, repair and crack filling. A well maintained asphalt surface can withstand heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, the sun’s UV rays and the weight of vehicles parked on it.

Homeowners often neglect their driveways Paving Kansas City, but a clean and well-maintained asphalt driveway can enhance curb appeal and improve the first impression guests have of your home. A residential asphalt paving contractor near you can help. These contractors specialize in planning, installation and construction of driveways made from various materials. They also provide maintenance services to keep your asphalt driveway looking like new.

In midtown Kansas City, an intersection that connects Westport Road and Wyandotte Street with a small branch library and post office is now an eye-catching art installation designed to slow drivers down. The murals and physical barriers are part of the city’s Vision Zero plan, which aims to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries. The project was funded by a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies and completed last year by Street Smarts Design + Build, a local firm that focuses on pedestrian and bike safety.

Ryan Rosenblatt lives in the neighborhood and says crossing that intersection feels safer now than it did a few years ago when the two-way stop wasn’t painted with murals and the crosswalk had no planters or short posts. He says he’s glad to see the city making an effort to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, but more is needed. He wants to see more protected bike lanes and speed humps, and wants the city to focus on improving driver behavior to reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries on its streets.

Dayna Meyer, who also lives in midtown, agrees with Rosenblatt. She primarily walks or bikes around town, and she says the art installations have helped her feel safe. The physical barriers have made her more cautious when driving, and she’d like to see more of them in the city.

Superior Bowen crews approach each highway paving project with the same level of care and precision. On an overlay requiring the closure of 1 1/4 miles of I-670 Loop for two weekends, the crew milled existing pavement up to 2 inches deep and placed approximately 44,000 square yards of hot mix in a single layer with a high compaction rate. The project was completed on schedule and within budget and met the smoothness and compaction specs required by the Missouri DOT. This was another example of Superior Bowen’s expertise in managing complex, highly-traveled interstate highway projects.

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